Our Story

Restaurant Edy was opened for the first time in 1961 in piazza Savonarola in the centre of Florence. The owners Edy Lorenzini and the husband Mario Luigi Bonaccorsi had a lot of experience in the hotel business as they both descend from hotelier families in Montecatini Terme, near Pistoia. The Restaurant became famous for its simple but refined dishes, inspired by traditional Tuscan recipes.


The real soul of the restaurant is Edy who loves to take care personally of her customers and entertain them with her cheerful personality.  She also prepares dishes which have become her own specialties. The recipes range from the famous risotto with strawberries to haute cuisine dishes like the sublime turtle soup, a secret recipe that she learned from her husband Mario when he was working as a chef on cruise liner.
Edy, thanks to her extraordinary culinary skills, was crowned the “Mushroom Queen” of Florence, a fame she owes to a number commercials in which she featured which were shown at the Cavour Cinema at the time.

Edy’s Restaurant took part in the “Club del Buongustaio” and it was awarded first prize by the famous Florentine food critic Leo Codacci, who was a regular customer of the restaurant. Unfortunately, due to family issues and Edy’s ill health, the Restaurant closed in 1980. However, it re-opened again in 1988 and was re-named “Ristorante Edy Più” in a new (and current) location in Lastra a Signa, just outside from Florence where it remains to be this day. The restaurant now sits in the middle of  Tuscan countryside surrounded by the hils of Lastra a Signa.

Edy’s daughter Miriam is now helping to manage the restaurant with her husband Jonathan, keeping alive the old traditions. The restaurant is set in an enviably beautiful position amidst the rolling landscape of the Florentine hills. The fifteenth-century former convent has since been modernized and adapted to meet the diverse needs of its customers and can accommodate large functions such as banquets, graduation dinners, and wedding receptions as well as more modest occasions such as a romantic dinner or a business breakfast.

Historic research states that on this site, around the year 1000, a convent was built where Florentine Knights and Captains used to stop to rest and eat on the way back from long battles against the rival forces of Pisa. One famous knight was Castruccio Castracane, from whom we take the name of one of the main roads of the city.

Around the end of the 15th century, a manor house was built upon the ruins of the former convent, and it was elegantly refurbished over the forthcoming years. Today, inside the building you can still admire the beautiful ceiling beams, the door steps in pietra serena and an ancient shrine in one of the walls.
On the surrounding hills rise many majestic castles and villas dating from previous centuries gone which have been refurbished and turned into hotels and restaurants. Whoever is looking for a peaceful location and wants to be close to outstanding natural beauty, away from the chaos of urban life, can stay in one of the numerous agriturismi in the Chianti valley which we collaborate with and are within easy reach of the historic centre of Florence.

Here you can still taste the flavours of past times, well balanced by wise hands and culinary instincts. Our products are always fresh and of the highest quality. Our passion is for traditional Florentine dishes and we pride ourselves on simple, authentic cuisine that encompasses typical Tuscan recipes that we have refined and adjusted to find the right balance of flavours.